Issue 72

The one thing I am glad about is that we are coming out of the endless electioneering period that’s stunted the Kenyan economy these past few months. It’s been a roller coaster of political opinions, emotions, an upheaval of lives, an economic downturn for everyone in Kenya, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.The weather has been quite erratic, with short bursts of the sun’s rays, and showers here and there.

However, all in all, we are grateful for this blessing and the diversity of Kenyans. Our theme for this edition is “stepping into the light”. For the HomesKenya team, this edition brings in a new season for us and our reader. We look forward to brighter days and a better business environment in 2018 and beyond as we embrace a global editorial style. We’ve also changed our distribution channels to reach a wider audience and get your favorite read to you.

Get the latest real estate trends and understand the best places to invest in, the do’s and don’t’s and information to guide you on your real estate journey. We offer advise to see you realize your dream of home ownership. See our brilliant buys, maximize on your interior décor style, and get inspired and motivated by our inspiration notes.

More of this and more in your copy of Homes Kenya Magazine. Enjoy the read.

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